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AK Kamara has built a brand that will benefit the Republican Party. From regular appearances on conservative radio, to garnering millions of views on social media platforms like TikTok, AK has been engaged in championing our principles to a generation in dire need of them. As Committeeman, AK will champion our state, our values, and our message to millions of people who can influence the outcomes of our elections. There will not be a bigger champion for the Republican Party than AK. Check him out:

AK Kamara, Conservative Fighter and Activist

AK has long been a member of the Republican Party and an engaged activist, helping candidates up and down the ballot.

From his time as College Republican leader, to being a state (and State Central) delegate, to door knocking for candidates across the state, AK has put in the work it takes to have a successful Republican Party.

You’ll often see AK as the Sargent at Arms for State Conventions as well. AK will bring the same dedication and innovative thinking to the RNC that he’s brought for over a decade to Minnesota.

New Ideas. Long-Time Activist.
AK Kamara RNC Committeeman-Elect Thank You!

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